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​Contact 435-862-7351

Take your game to the next level with the most advanced basketball training of its kind. We are helping players from 2nd grade to collegiate level to become better shooters, ball handlers, and better overall players faster.​​

           With basketball players becoming more athletic and skilled, we are fortunate to have the latest coaching tools in player development. Coaches are able to prescribe proven, personalized drills to improve shooting mechanics, shot speed, shooting arc, power dribbling, hand-speed, mental coordination, and many other skills that have been traditionally impossible to measure.


       The perfect basketball shot has:

      - Shot aimed 11 inches beyond the front of the rim

      - Catch to Shot Release Time .8 seconds or below

      - Ball Spin Rotation 130-160 RPM

      - Entry Arc 45 Degrees


Ball Handling

      Through our testing players will be able to continually push the limits of their potential. Players will have the opportunity to move up through our Basic and Advanced Levels of ball handling accomplishment. Our goal is to have every player reach a point where the ball is simply an extension of them on the court.

Shot Training

     A player will have the opportunity to burn in long term muscle memory that is repeatable shot after shot. Our programs will help develop areas of weakness and continue to develop areas of strength​

Trianings will be on Monday & Wednesday
Tonaquint Intermediate School

2:15-3:30  6th-7th grades
3:15-4:45  8th-9th grades
4:45-5:45  K-5th grades


6th - 9th GRADE BOYS MONTHLY FEE: $125.00

Training Overview

    -Ball Handling: speed, control, power, left & right hand

      variance and confidence

    -Mid Range and Outside Shooting: accuracy, quickness,

      technique and footwork

    -Getting to the Rim: using both hands, proper footwork  

      and to finish at the rim effectively

    -Core Strength, Cross Training, Speed and Agility

    -Visualization: mental mapping exercises for confidence    

      levels and pressure situations

​"Practice doesn't make perfect...perfect practice makes perfect."


​Contact 435-862-7351

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